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Since 2003

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About Us

The WWMeteorites team (for "WorldWilde Meteorites" - Meteorites from around the world) was created in 2003 with the primary goal of traveling around globe in search of these fascinating celestial objects, and make them available for Science... and Collectors. Since 2017, the team has established its base camp on the island of Unst (Shetland, UK)


The team is composed of one permanent members (Fabien Kuntz) and regularly includes guests, who come to share the special experience of meteorite hunting. WWMeteorites also enjoys the pleasure of collaborating with other meteorite hunters, in particular the Meteor-Center team, which shares the same passion ...

With four or five trips per year on average, the number of finds (in countries as diverse as Tunisia, Spain, Qatar, the Sultanate of Oman ...) has quickly become important. WWMeteorites therefore collaborates with several laboratories that analyze, and classify the new meteorites, mainly the University of Washington (Seattle) and the CEREGE (University of Aix-Marseille). WWmeteorites (under the name of its founder, Fabien Kuntz.)  have already more than 450 meteorites listed in the Meteoritical Society Database.

In order to have a classification and an official referencement established, as well as to allow the long-term research on the meteorites, a part of 20% of each find by WWmeteorites is deposited in a laboratory.


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