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NWA 16454 : Polymict Ureilite

Breccia with mineral clasts up to mm. The few lithic clasts show an equilibrated texture with poikilitic texture.

Aggregates of carbon material (likely diamond in view of the extreme difficulty to cut and polish the meteorite) reach 1 mm in size and display geometric shapes. C1-like clasts to 500 µm are present.

NWA 16454 - 47.65g - 01.JPG
NWA 16454 - 47.65g - 02.JPG

Endcut (Main Mass) - 47.65g -595$ - SOLD

NWA16454 diamond.jpg

Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) picture; the large black are a nanodiamonds agregate

NWA 16454 - 47.65g - 04.JPG
NWA 16454 - 47.65g - 03.JPG
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