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NWA XXXXX : Puzzle

This meteorite is a chondrite. I would guess a LL6; no certainties, just based on experience.

This meteorite is a "double crusted puzzle".

The stone started to devellop a fusion crust during the first part of  its atmospheric journey, and then broke before the end of the crust formation process.

The crust then continued to form on the broken surfaces.

The result are TWO FRAGMENTS found appart, both FULLY CRUSTED, but still fitting as a PERFECT PUZZLE to form a SINGLE FRESH STONE.


Double Puzzle - 01.JPG
Double Puzzle - 05.JPG

Specimen 264.56g (147.64g + 116.92g) - 5$/g - SOLD

Double Puzzle - 04.JPG
Double Puzzle - 02.JPG
Double Puzzle - 06.JPG
Double Puzzle - 03.JPG
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