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NWA 11809 : Lunar - Impact Melt Breccia

"NWA 11223/11809 is 1 of only 5 lunar meteorites that I know to have a significant (Ce/Ce* <0.8) negative cerium (Ce) anomaly. All are from Northwest Africa (other 4: NWA 10318, NWA 10495, NWA 11182, and Tichiya).  Curiously, the meteorite does not appear to be weathered more than most NWA lunar meteorites. Perhaps related, the Eu concentration is unusually high (Eu/Sm is 1.6x and Eu/Na is 1.2x greater than other meteorites of similar composition). In the figure, Pr and Nd values calculated by interpolation between La and Sm. Dy, Ho, Er, and Tm values interpolated between Tb and Yb. The Gd value is the mean of the La-Sm extrapolation, the Sm-Tb interpolation, and the Yb-Tb extrapolation." (Randy Korotev, Washington University in St. Louis)

NWA 11809 - 5.19g - 02.JPG
NWA 11809 - 5.19g - 01.JPG

Slice - 5.19g - 310$

NWA 11809 - 5.19g - 03.JPG
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