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NWA XXXXX : Achondrite Melt

This meteorite is a beautiful achondritic melt, most probably an Eucrite. It consists on a  single stone of 385.69g. This sale offers you the possibility to purchase the Main Mass of the meteorite, and if you decide so, to have it classified (for a fixed fee) and to be registred as the Main Mass Owner in the Meteoritical Bulletin. In this case, you will be provided with a full classification report from the classifier as well, detailing the analytic process with images (multiple of the thin section, element mapping,  BackScattered Electrons microsopy etc...) and charts explaining the position of that meteorite compared to other, the decision

At the moment the stone is uncut, which let you the option to purchase the specimen complete, or to have a small type sepcimen removed if you want to go for the classification process (service provided with a wire saw, and sample sent to the classifier by myself; you will be in direct contact with the lab classifying as well).

Quick process time for the classification.


K594 - 03.JPG
K594 - 06.JPG

Complete stone - 385.69g - 6.5$/g (250$ classification, optional)

K594 - 09.JPG
K594 - 05.JPG
K594 - 07.JPG
K594 - 02.JPG
K594 - 04.JPG
K594 - 08.JPG
K594 - 10.JPG
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